My interest in writing poetry and short stories started in the fab fifties and continues today. Sixty-six years young, I have been writing seriously for around three years.


I have wide and varied interests and have undertaken courses in a variety of areas such as: Self Development Seminars, Child Psychology, counselling. 

1987 saw me graduate as an instructor in Kinesiology, followed by Aromatherapy Massage, Reiki II and Spiritual Healing. 

I have run my own practice for over fifteen years. Almost concurrently, my husband and I owned and managed a commercial photographic studio for twenty years.

A number of years ago, I realized that I was reading more and was noticing the different styles and expressions of ideas authors were using, rather than being primarily interested in the story alone, as was previously the case.

After a trip to Poland four years ago, a journalist friend convinced me that I should take my writing more seriously so decided to fictionalise my biography.









Denise Nowakowski is an Australian writer and poet.

Born in Pabianice, Poland in 1937, she came to Australia as a child shortly after the war.  She lived and studied in New South Wales and Victoria, and is now married, has four children and six grandchildren.

In 1999 Denise visited her native home, and on her return took up writing with the aim to publish her work. 

Since then her work has appeared (in both English and Polish) in anthologies, magazines, and newspapers, in Australia, USA, and Poland.  In addition to her poetry, Denise writes short stories and is currently working on her first novel.

This volume of poetry (above) covers some of her interests, hobbies, and community involvements.


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Denise Nowakowski
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