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Sarah Cook writes with a distinctly Australian flavour. She was born in Sale, Victoria, (Australia) in 1954, so that puts Sarah in her writing prime!.

She now lives in Adelaide with her husband Rodney, and has six adult off-spring - including three "steps" - and at last count, twelve grandchildren.

"Against the Odds" is a book that is 85% fact and the majority of places and events in the novel are real. From Sarah's own experiences of life on the land, she gives you first-hand knowledge of this life of isolation.

If you ever wanted to increase your knowledge of rural Australia but don't want to study, then this is the book for you. Both men and women will enjoy it, and it's suitable for all age groups.

Sarah is also an editor, ghost-writer and co-author of a wonderful new children’s book which is due to be released in the United States late 2006. She is also an award-winning author with her short stories and articles.

In amongst all this, her next Australian-style novel is well on its way to becoming a finished project.

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